Hand Writing Analysis

Hand Writing Analysis

A sample ONE page - 10 - 15 lines of English Cursive writing is adequate to analyse the handwriting of a person.


a. Copy the text at the end, on a A4 size, blank (not ruled), white sheet in your NORMAL cursive handwriting.

b. Scan the sheet and email to coach@personalitydeveloper.com 

c. No Payment necessary

d. You will receive a WhatsApp / email message once the Analysis is ready to fix the discussion session timing.

e.Understand yourself - Your SWOT and then decide if you need to take up the Exclusive One2One Coaching Program.

Just take a blank A4  white sheet, write down the following paragraphs in your normal handwriting,
(NO ALL CAPITALS, pl), with your signature and date, email id and phone number, below the text.

Text to be written on the Blank (un ruled), white, A4 sheet in your regular cursive handwriting (NO ALL CAPS) :


If you desire to win you must be willing to be a part of a successful 

team. The zero digit was invented by an Indian. Do you feel like making

the most of your life? You can achieve all your goals when you

surrender to your passion and work at what you love. When you do that

you no longer have to work!

When you are jogging in the park you may meet new friends who can

form a part of your mastermind group. You never know what you can

become. Be open to all the zeal in you to work the magic required to

make you a successful person.

Any X,Y,Z can claim to be a success but truly successful people are

always humble without the "air". You can find many animals in the zoo.

When was the last time you visited a zoo?



email id.

phone no: